• Uniquely different from regular dance classes, Dance Concepts workshops foster a safe and non-competitive environment for wellness through natural social dancing. We facilitate learning in a fun-filled way using three types of lessons, Privates (one-on-one), Groups (dancing in groups of your own level) and Practice sessions
    (where you practice what you have learned).

    Dance Made Easy

    Take the step into the world of elegance and grace and you will soon realize that learning to dance is a whole lot of fun and that’s what it should be …..Dancing is a beautiful way to revitalize yourself, It harmonizes energy flow in the body through movements and music. Here is a wonderful opportunity to develop and refine your dance floor skills. Its great fun and we make the dance styles easy to learn just for you. You'll be dancing from your first day with us, it's that easy!

    At the Dance Concepts, Dance Made Easy Workshop , the dances we teach are easy to do and fun to learn .The dances are suitable for everyone and are easily adapted to individual needs. Dance made easy workshop by Dance Concepts is all about dancing naturally with ease and elegance .

    If you are looking for a fun way to exercise and burn up some calories, dancing will enable you to do it to music and learn a valuable skill at the same time! We can teach anyone to be a social dancer, even if you think you have two left feet and no rhythm. No matter which dance you want to learn, we feel positive that you will improve your dancing skills quickly and easily.

  • Dance concepts conducts fun, affordable and therapeutic dance for wellness programs using ETHNIC LATIN & SOCIAL BALLROOM DANCES that are Fun, Exciting, creating a more productive work force with increased incentives. Our experienced instructors will teach your group all the popular dances at the location of your choice (our affiliated studios, or your facility), including such favorites as Fox Trot, Waltz, Jive, Swing, Rumba,Samba Cha Cha,Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia styles and many more.

    Dancing serves as a wonderful mental stress relief. A busy day of pressure and stress melts away into the background when you have dancing to look forward to, and tends to allow more productive work the following day. Our Dance workshops programs are progressive and can be customized as per your specific requirements At Dance concepts we not only teach you how to dance but also dance etiquettes and behavior which are as important as the dance itself .We pride ourselves in personalizing the dance experience so that one can learn steps at ones own comfort levels.


  • A progressive approach to learning to dance and taking dance to another level to identify your own potential in personal expression and movement . Based on a simple belief that if you can breathe you can dance . It’s a therapeutic and holistic method of integrated training of the body mind and emotions to a positive frame through movement work . The sessions will build progressively from simple basic moves towards smoother movement transitions.

    Dancing creates a deep connection with our body and its boundaries. It is a practice that allows us to connect with the self creatively and rejuvenate.Mindful Movements is transformative dance practice that creates a sense of deep relaxation. As it cultivates awareness of body in the present moment and allows the body to release pent up emotions and old patterns of thought .In Dancing with mindful awareness, we connect with our own breath as we move deeply into a higher state of being with gratitude and appreciation to our inner divinity.
    No dance experience is required. All age groups are welcome…


  • Dancing is wonderful activity for all ages and even more so for the young at hearts . At Dance Concepts we believe if you have a heart beat you can dance . Our workshops for Seniors is a community wellness initiative and thus are all about the joy of dancing .We offer a seniors specific program focused on replacing inactivity with activity from gentle stretching to increase flexibility and raising self esteem amongst the participants through dance movements . a practical and effective strategy to promote health & fitness through Social Dancing !