• Ms Savvy Raj is a Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO the official world wide organization for all forms of dance. As a Dance Educator and Corporate Wellness Trainer she conducts workshop in Social Dances, Holistic Well Being as well as Personal Effectiveness.She is a certified adult trainer who uses the creative medium of dance towards bringing empathetic consciousness in her students. Using International Social dance forms and a variety of improvisational techniques as well as creative movement exercises she brings forth the human connect in it all. Savvy Raj is known for her immense patience and perseverance, she believes in sharing her passion towards dancing than just teaching these art forms. She credits her involvement in Dance concepts to her father
    Mr. Radhakrishnan whose hobby of teaching dance to the interested people back in the 60s,70s to date , drew her to form Dance Concepts .

    In addition to facilitating and sharing her dance skills at Dance Concepts she also writes passionately about dance... She believes anyone with a heartbeat can learn to dance. She also works periodically for the local community taking up volunteering initiatives towards encouraging and motivating senior citizens & empowering women and to lead an active lifestyle by conducting special workshops for them.

    Savvy is also certified Graphologist who pursues this as a hobby in her spare time along with a passion for writing, painting, drawing, sketching and mural work etc.
  • While facilitating Social International Dances is the essential aspiration of Dance Concepts, the underlying benefits to be gained by participants are manifold and it’s precisely this that makes learning at Dance Concepts distinctly different.

    Because Dance Concepts is dedicated to taking the learner towards over all self development in a holistic manner the benefits cascade over many dimensions of one’s life, which needs to be experienced and realized .From good health and fitness to the behavioral, emotional, spiritual…Most importantly participants develop a positive personality while picking up a new skill through Experiential Learning, developing creativity through team work cooperation, enhancement of inter personal skills, while acquiring of grace and poise, social ease, good posture, better balance, coordination and the strengthening of the nervous system.
Working towards the development of an individual in a holistic manner using the creative medium of dance and its applications. Nurturing in the learners an enthusiasm to see and live life positively and empathetically.

As an organization grow and evolve continually through an open and accessible approach towards collaborative work.
Building Self-esteem and self-confidence through self-expression.